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Live According to Truth

A student wanted to call his mother to tell her he was not having a good day. A teacher asked him why wasn't he having a good day, and he replied, "because nobody likes me." The teacher asked his permission to ask the class if they liked him, and he said, "no." This student has been operating from the belief that all the students at the school do not like him and that he does not fit in. The sad thing is he cannot provide solid proof to validate his feelings or assumptions. There are a large number of people living according to the fallacy of their feelings! Feelings are tricky! They seldom can be solidified without facts. However, people would rather live in captivity by holding onto their feelings instead of seeking divine truth that can release them from the lies intertwined in their feelings. We were created in the image of God to serve Him and to live a victorious, abundant life! But if we do not realize why God created us, we will shortchange ou

When God Made You, He Spoke to Himself!

When God made you, He spoke to Himself. Everything God created outside of Himself, He spoke into existence (e.g., Let there be), and it was! When God made humanity, He spoke to Himself and said, Let us make man in our image after our likeness (Genesis 1:26). The image of God is Triune (i.e., three beings in one)! He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The image of man is Triune too (i.e., Soul, Body, and Spirit). Being made in God’s image reflects His holiness, His righteous, and His love. When God spoke to Himself to form humanity, He wanted to demonstrate His love through fellowship when He said, “It’s not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Another part of being made in God’s image is the freedom to choose. Adam and Eve were righteous until they ate the forbidden fruit (i.e., rebel against God). Their rebellion marred the image of God within themselves and their decedents. And the scars of their decision (i.e., mentally, socially, morally, and ph

She's Not a B****, She's Confident

Why are women called a B**** when they exude confidence? Confidence has nothing to do with lewdness, selfishness, or being a female dog. It has everything to do with relying on an inner power and strength to achieve and succeed in life. Once a woman reaches a level of self-confidence, she doesn’t need to be torn down. No one knows her journey to reach her height and our level of confidence will never increase when we tear women down. We've launched a tee-shirt campaign to end negative languages and images associated with confident women and women in general. And you can show your support here.

Poverty is Colorblind

When you hear the word poverty , what's the first image you see or your first thought? Women and children in an impoverished country or women with polished nails holding a sign for help? If you could help a group of women living with poverty, which group would you choose and why? Poverty is more than having more bills at the end of the month than money. It's extreme, situational, institutional, or generational; making it difficult to create pathways to economic independence, wealth, and stability. When we seek support or investment in our work to decrease the trend of poverty amongst women throughout the Washington region, we often receive a plethora of reasons of why we shouldn't help them because their level of poverty isn't as severe as women experiencing poverty in other countries. A local pastor stated, You haven't seen poverty until you've been to a country where people have to drink and bathe in dirty water. Now, that's poverty. What we have h


Have you ever attended a special occasion and observed how individuals describe themselves? “I’m a doctor, lawyer, an accountant, or an entrepreneur." If accomplishments, titles, degrees, or material things were taken away, how would they be identified? The social arena is inundated with individuals pretending to be something they're not. And what's startling is people who are normally content with their identity, become discontent after interacting with a new social group or environment. The Apostle Paul was a persecutor of the followers of Christ, and was miraculously converted to a follower himself. Paul realized it was God's grace that made him who he had become - an Ambassador for Christ. As an Ambassador, Paul traveled to different countries to organize churches and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was not ashamed of being a servant of God and did not waiver in his new identity with Him. If you have a relationship with God without titles or a series of

Pursue Your Greatest Self

In 1996, The SOFEI Group started in the apartment living room of its current Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) under the umbrella of Virtuous Enterprises, Inc. The organization’s foundation was spiritually and biblically-based because the CEO discovered the challenges many women faced stemmed from how they viewed themselves and their lack of faith and belief in a Being higher than themselves; not because of limited access to resources. We set our heights to empower women to transform their lives by transforming their minds through biblically-based fellowships and our quarterly newsletter - Inspirational Expressions. As we evolved, we realized we lost focus on our spiritual core. What was true at our origin stands true today; women cannot achieve or be their greatest without knowing their true power. Unfortunately, this power has been decreased to sexuality and looks, and this power isn’t sustainable like our innate power during seasonal challenges. Oprah Winfrey states, “Everyo

SOFEI's Top Ten

Following is a list of The SOFEI Group's top ten YouTube videos for motivation, inspiration, and hope: Am I Wrong - Nico & Vince Try - Colbie Caillat Beautiful Flower - India Arie Hear My Call - Jill Scott Golden - Jill Scott Bravo - Ledisi Superwoman - Alicia Keys Just Fine - Mary J. Blige Didn't Know My Own Stength - Whitney Houston Turning Around for Me - Vashawn Mitchell

It's Time to Clean House

An elderly woman lost her life in a house fire because she hoarded stuff that didn't add value. Her neighbors recognized how hazardous her house had become and offered assistance to help her clean, to no prevail. Just as the elderly woman collected worthless items, there are many people who gather and hold onto people and things that deplete or bring detriment to their spiritual or emotional well-being. Worthless items like negative thinking, self-denial, stressful living, defeat, deceit, jealousy, fear, anger, covetousness, envy, anxiety, lack of self-control, hatred, low self-worth and self-esteem. When we pray and ask God for deliverance from our trials and tribulations, healing from a broken or wounded heart, or for a financial blessing, He can't deliver when our internal being is cluttered. For example, when a pilot attempts to land a plane, the pilot verifies if the pathway is clear. If it isn't, the pilot goes into a holding pattern. God is like the pilot!

Jewel in The Hands of an Inexperienced Jeweler

Genesis 34 talks about a young virgin woman, named Dinah who “went out to see the daughters of the land” (Genesis 34:1). She was spotted by Shechem - a victim of lust at first sight , who took Dinah and violated her virginity (Genesis 34:2). A Jewel, such as Dinah, was defiled and violated because of Shechem’s strong sexual desire to have her (Genesis 34:3). In Hebrew, the definition of violated or defiled, means to be taken by force (i.e., raped). Shechem’s actions resulted in harm instead of satisfaction because Dinah’s brothers, Levi and Simeon lied, stole, and murdered for revenge. Dinah was a Jewel taken by force, but there are many women (Jewels) who voluntarily place themselves in the hands of Inexperienced Jewelers due to: Soft Spoken Words According to Genesis 34:3, Shechem spake kindly unto the damsel . Women can become prey to soft spoken words if they were raised in negative environments, were victims of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse and never heard or experience

I Am What I Am!

Growing up as a dark-skinned woman can be difficult. The teasing and caustic remarks can diminish a woman's self-esteem until they discover.... They came from the mind of God. In the secrecy of their mother’s womb, they were fearfully and wonderfully made. To live and fulfill God’s divine purpose and perfect will, with their shape, size, and beautiful skin shade. They are who they are, by God’s grace. They have strength, courage, and perseverance to run and finish their race. Their spirit has been quickened, they are no longer God’s enemy and Satan’s slave. By God’s unconditional love and power, they were raised from the carnal grave. As a chosen, redeemed, and predestined Saint, they know how to behave! Everything God created is good, and we were created to bring glory and honor to Him (Isaiah 43:7). We all have unique features and characteristics to fulfill God’s purpose. Whether we are light or dark, full or small figured, we should not allow ourselves to be vi

I Weep for Sisters Looking

I weep for Sisters looking For a man that’s so hard to find My sisters try, they trip, they tremble Because the search goes on all the time. I weep for Sisters looking For security in masculine form They’re tossed and thrown by emotions Like a small ship in a big storm. I weep for Sisters looking For a “brother” whom they can respect Not a pretty boy or millionaire Just someone With whom They can connect. I weep for Sisters looking Because of the pain and heartbreak They endure The loneliness that turns to emptiness Will there ever be a cure? I say Yes, Dear Sisters, There is a cure A real cure from my point of view For perhaps wisdom is dictating That you pray and wait, Serve and work Until Mr. Right Finds You! By Evangelist Emanuel Scott, Jr.

Fearfully Made

A young girl ran to her mother after school and said, "Let’s hurry and get to the car because I don’t want to get a tan." Mother’s response, "Why are you so afraid of getting a tan?" Her daughter’s response, "I’m not, but a girl in my group asked me if I was dark skinned because of the sun?" A portion of Psalm 139:14 states, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are thy works. Humanity was created in the image of God and He has never spoken negatively to Himself or to the people He chose to make an impact throughout the world based on their uniqueness. Our children are our future. Let’s be vigilant of what we feed them – directly or indirectly. Critiquing or teasing people about their looks (especially their hues) is a waste of time. Everything God made is good and was created for His glory. If God can see the beauty, good, and glory in His creation, why can't we?

Pay attention to what isn't being said

The SOFEI Group has counseled and trained many women who seem to pay more attention to what people tell them (e.g., their significant other or spouse) and not what they show them. Remember the saying Action speaks louder than words . What keeps women clinging onto the words of their loved ones while ignoring their actions? Hope for change, fear, blind love, or their religion? People normally show us their truth. However, some women second guess their intuition and what’s presented to them. Example, a man’s truth maybe sexual or financial infidelity – the woman’s reality is she’s living or in a relationship with a man who cannot be trusted. A man’s truth maybe, he’s married with children - a woman’s reality that dates him is she’s an adulterer and a person that doesn’t value the sacredness of marriage. Lastly, a man’s truth maybe physical, emotional, or verbal abuse – a woman’s reality is depression, fear; hope for change, low self-esteem or self-worth. Women have to take c