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Stop Thinking Like an Employee

Stop Thinking Like an Employee is a workshop The SOFEI Group provides to individuals seeking to become an entrepreneur. Since we started facilitating this workshop, we have learned there isn't a vast distinction between an employee and entrepreneur; except for their attitudes and their approach towards work. For example, if you're an employee whose work is based on the instruction of your employer, you're what Seth Godin states in his book, The Linchpin - a "cog in a machine." A “cog in a machine” is a compliant person who shows on time to work, do what they’re told, but get paid less than what they're worth. The gap between their worth and pay creates a profit for the business owner. The Linchpin is a non-conformist to the cog system. They're a career activist! They know how to take control of their career and have a clear understanding of the value they bring to a work environment or project. And, here are a few suggestions to help you perform and th