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Money Smarts for Women

In our efforts to empower women to emerge from economic instability via education, training, and development, The SOFEI Group is a proud member of FDIC's (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Money Smart Alliance. This membership allows us to use FDIC's resources (e.g., curriculum and interactive tools) to help women and girls enhance their financial skills and confidence. FDIC's Money Smart Game is a premier interactive tool that can empower women and girls to enrich their financial literacy, develop money management skills, and gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions, personally and professionally, and here's why we like it: It's Convenient:  The Money Smart Game is accessible online via multiple technical platforms (e.g., computers, mobile phones, and tablets), making it convenient for women and girls to participate at their own pace and anywhere they have internet access. This convenience eliminates barriers associated

What's Love Got to Do With it?

What's Love Got to Do With It was a song released in 1984 by Tina Turner. It was one of Tina Turner's greatest hits because it was the anthem of independence and self-empowerment, and it suggests that love is not enough to sustain healthy and fulfilling relationships. The song prioritizes self-respect, self-empowerment, and resilience over the fallacy of love. And it serves as a reminder that love is an intricate element of human connections; however, personal strength and self-advocacy are essential to achieving happiness and fulfillment. Even though love is often associated with personal relationships, it can contribute to heightened productivity, engagement, satisfaction, and success in business and workplace environments by driving passion, fostering positive relationships, enhancing job satisfaction, improving the customer experience, and shaping organizational culture. When individuals love what they do, they feel passionate and engaged in their work. This pas

Don't Shrink

Love is a powerful force that can infiltrate light in the darkness and melt the hardness of a cold heart. It is a force that is supposed to represent God's love on Earth through relationships. However, when people do not understand the purpose of love, they abuse it! They ask people to do things to prove their loyalty and love that is contrary to God's purpose and His love. On the other hand, when Jesus died on the Cross, He did so to express His unconditional love for humankind. He knew the shedding of His blood on the Cross would be the final time blood would have to be shed for our redemption from sin. Jesus did not shrink or go into hiding. On His journey, He would step away for restoration to continue his ministry and mission. But Jesus never went into hiding because He was clear about who He was, who He was serving, and why He was serving. Today, many women are in relationships where they have chosen to shrink instead of allowing their love to illuminate b