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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence is linked to an ability to identify, assess, and control emotions. Depending on a woman’s estrogen level or her season of life, controlling her emotions can be a challenge – even in the workplace. Here are some tips to strengthen your intelligence: Get Real With Yourself - Identify and deal with the source of negative emotions because nothing positive derives from them. Suppressing or camouflaging these emotions with shopping, smoking, or eating are temporary coping mechanisms that can lead to other challenges. Know Your Role – Be clear on your purpose for working; the benefits and impact your contributions have on your employer’s bottom-line, and how your role coincides with their mission and core values. Don’t React, Get the Facts – There are many women reacting to events based on their emotions instead of facts. Feelings should never be used as a deciding factor in the workplace because they aren’t tangible and cannot be validated. Define Your Outc

The Number Nine Can Have Power

After spending nine relentless months looking for work at a local one-stop career center, an unemployed single mother regained hope to find employment when she learned how to build a career in customer-service from the results of a complimentary MAPP assessment provided by The SOFEI Group, Inc. Filled with passion to provide great customer-service to her next prospective employer, this single mother landed nine interviews within nine weeks of attending The SOFEI Group's Microsoft Office Specialist certification training program. Her hope was restored and momentum to find employment soared, but something was preventing her from getting hired - her forgiveness for being unemployed! This breakthrough came when a career development facilitator of The SOFEI Group looked her square in the eyes and said, “Your smile isn’t in harmony with the way you really feel about yourself, and maybe this spirit is resonating during your interviews - preventing you from getting hired.” Tears s

Be What God Wants You to Be

Focus on the person God wants you to be, not the person you used to be. Here’s how: Forgive yourself of your past mistakes and use them as stepping stones to your true identity and potential. ( Isaiah 43:18 ) Feed your inner being with God’s word, positive thoughts, and positive self-talk. ( Philippians 4:8 ) Focus only on your potential and not your limitations. ( Isaiah 43:7 ) Do not measure your life against the accomplishments of others. ( I Samuel 16:7 ) Govern your life according to God’s plan; not opinions. (Jeremiah 29:11-13 )

What's the Secret to Success?

Discovering and crafting your gift and sharing it passionately with greatness! In our How to Create a Great Career workshop, we teach people how to build great careers from their innate qualities; not from skills they’ve learned to make a living, but from their God-given gifts to make a life. During the workshop, we demonstrate how people like Serena and Venus Williams, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan were able to get corporate sponsorships because of their ‘greatness’ in their respective sports, not because they had good marketing skills to promote Nike, Hanes, or Buick. God created us to succeed so others can experience Him through our work. And, He cannot accomplish this through people that know how to wear or drive success; but through people that are willing and spiritually fit to do the work He has called us to do. Success is a divine right. Don’t allow the definitions or opinions of others hold yours hostage.

Need to Redirect Your Career?

Working hard but your career is going nowhere fast? Are you unemployed and on the fence to find familiar work to pay bills or need to start new because your old job is obsolete? If you answered yes to either question, you can redirect your efforts and move your career in the right direction. Here’s how: Evaluate the underlying cause of being stuck in your career. Do you believe this is the only work you're qualified to do? Jobs are scarce so you're thankful for what you have and you've decided to stay where you are. You've worked in this field and don't know what else to do. You believe you're too old to start a new career. Get in the driver seat; take your career off ‘auto cruise’ and determine where you want to take it Resolve negative emotions associated with unemployment Assess your skills and determine who can benefit from them. List your contributions and the impacts. Create a career plan (inclusive of a personal mission statement and goals) to

Don't Knock it Until You've Tried It - Online Learning

Online training is helping millions of people all over the world get their long-awaited undergraduate or graduate degrees, launch and expand businesses, and gain skills to advance their careers. Then there are millions that haven’t taken advantage of this learning trend because of their preference of in-person training – concluding this training method is more legitimate when you can touch and feel your instructor or facilitator than hearing or watching using online media. The SOFEI Group, Inc. has become perplexed of the apprehension towards online learning from people who have never tried it. And, as a training provider, we believe training is as legitimate of the trainees’ learning and development needs. Here’s our take on the benefits of online learning: It’s a cost savings for trainees and the environment (e.g., less paper trail associated with traditional training methods) It’s flexible and great for working parents with children It’s an egalitarian way to acquire skills an