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The Dance Between the Offeror and Offeree

During my undergraduate studies, I interviewed for an administrative assistant position, and one of my favorite courses was Business Law. My professor was impressed with how I briefed my cases and encouraged me to attend Law School. After the interview, I was excited to receive a verbal offer for the administrative assistant position, which I accepted with a follow-up acknowledgment letter; however, my excitement diminished when I received a confirmation letter with a starting salary less than the original offer I had agreed to. My Business Law course was intricate in helping me understand the roles of an Offeror and an Offeree. Recognizing and understanding these roles is not just a matter of legal semantics; it's the foundation of strong, enforceable, and mutually beneficial agreements. When an Offeror submits an offer to an Offeree (e.g., services, products, or a partnership) verbally or contractually, the Offeree can accept, reject, or modify the conditions of the contrac