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Autism 101

Approximately, 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrem Disorder (ASD) in the United States. And, many parents, teachers, and caregivers are scrambling to understand: What is ASD? The cause of ASD The signs of ASD ASD symptoms If you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver of a child that may have ASD, the Autism 101 online course will guide you through these challenging questions. The SOFEI Group wants to provide you with information and resources to help you create a plan to support your child emotionally, physically, and academically. We believe that the more informed you are, the more equipped your child will be for success.

Getting Unstuck

Where are you? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? These are the questions a technical instructor asked to help trainees learn how to change directories using DOS (i.e., Disk Operating System). Post-DOS days, the technical instructor realized these questions apply to our everyday lives, and we believe these questions can help individuals get unstuck in their careers, relationships, or finances. If you feel stuck, click here and download our guide that can help you get unstuck.