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Why Plead the Blood?

Do you pray and ask God to stop your car as you approach a stop sign or red light? We may pray if our brakes feel like they're going out. Why do we plead the blood and rebuke the Devil when the doctor tells us, our smoking will lead to lung cancer, our drinking can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, or our sexual activities will lead to a sexually transmitted disease. What do you believe is the driving force behind our payment of our own death when God sent Jesus Christ to give us life? Can the Devil or our sin nature simply be the blame? When are we going to take responsibility for our choices? The next time we're diagnosed with some type of ailment, instead of rebuking the Devil and pleading the Blood of Jesus on the symptom, plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on the force that contributes to our emotional, mental, and physical death.

Who's Tooting Your Horn?

Horn Tooting is the normalcy in many business environments. But when and how loud should we toot our horns? When we’ve closed the deal on a sale? Toot! When we’ve written a book? Toot! When we’ve made our first million? Toot! Appeared on TV or radio? Toot! When we’ve been embraced by an elite or exclusive group? Toot! Received a degree from an Ivy League college? Toot! Best Business of the Year Award recipient? Toot! Luke 14:11 states, For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbled himself shall be exalted . If our clients aren’t tooting our horns, is our horn tooting in vain? Who's tooting yours?

Choices, Choices, Choices!!!

Everything we do in life involves choices. Everyday that God gives us the gift of life, we can decide how to live life. We can choose to be productive or unproductive; get out of or stay in bed; take Metro or drive to work; cook or eat out, wear red instead of blue; send our children to public or private school; eat beef or pork; eat wheat or white bread; drink tap or distilled water; stay single or get married; stay married or get a divorce; choose a new rewarding career, or remain miserable in a monotonous dead end job; serve God or not serve God; pray or not pray, show and give love or show and give hate; be an agnostic, humanist, or monotheistic; become a Muslim, Jehovah’s Witness, or Christian; attend a Baptist, African Methodist Episcopal, Non-Denominational, or a Holiness church; live or die. Hmm, choices, choices, choices!!! Life is full of so many choices. The choices we make while living on this earth, can result in life’s great gain or destruction. Our eternal destiny is


Anger is a colorless emotion that has become a universal definition of today's Black Woman . Why are Black Women angry? Are they tired of the negative connotations associated with their identity? Did they grow up without an earthly father that never confirmed their God-given beauty when society didn’t embrace their darker hue? Are they tired of playing the role of mother and father when they only have the capacity to play one? Are they tired of lifting up others, while concurrently being torn down? Are they tired of living pretentiously, and have forgotten how to be authentic? Are they living in bondage and don’t know how to break free? Did their search for love, affection, and acceptance lead them into the arms of Mr. Wrong? Did their career pursuits bring them external wealth, while leaving their spirits depleted? Whew! There are countless reasons for women to be angry, but none can justify sinning as a result of them. Ephesians 4:26 states, Be angry, and do not si