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Ten P's of Business Success

Prayer – Spiritual guidance from God to ensure your work will bring glory and honor to Him Passion – The enthusiasm to serve others through your business Purpose – Clear business vision, existence, and desired outcomes Perseverance – Determination to achieve success regardless of obstacles or setbacks Patience – Ability to deal with difficult people and tasks Partnership – Business relationships that strengthens your capacity to better serve your clients Publicity – Life-changing services and/or products that create excitement about your business Power – The power of God when you run out of your might to succeed Performance – Criteria to evaluate and measure the effectiveness and impact of your work Purity – Absence of activities and/or people that can taint your business existence or expansion

Can't Find a Job - Create Your Own

Okay, it’s been weeks, months, maybe a few years and you still haven’t found a J.O.B. If your job search strategy has primarily been behind a computer pushing emails and electronic resumes, your resumes are probably being added to thousands of job seekers in a virtual recruitment center being daily purged by the delete button. Which means your livelihood is somewhat in the hands of a virtual recruiter with the power to move your resume forward or prevent it from reaching your desired destination – the decision maker who can hire you. Let’s face it, unemployment can stink, but it can also be a sweet aroma when you decide to use this experience as fuel to take charge of your life in spite of the economy! You’ve heard the saying If It’s Going to Be, It’s up to Me. That’s right; it’s going to be up to you to create your own path to financial freedom. Not the government, politicians, Mama, Daddy, Pookie – You! Here are a few suggestions to make it happen: Develop a winning attitud