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The Spirit of Giving

Do you have the spirit? Yeah! Yeah! Do you have the spirit? Yeah! Yeah! Well let me see it in your walk... One of my favorite cheers in high school was, Do You Have The Spirit . The cheerleaders really knew how to get the crowd excited and engaged in our school's sporting events, and it seemed like the crowd ignited a new fire in the players to strive harder to win if they were trailing behind. It appears that the Spirit of Giving is more prevalent during the Holiday Season (i.e., Thanksgiving and Christmas) and many nonprofits do a great job raising money during this special time of year. What are their secrets or strategies? Who are their cheerleaders? And, what cheers do they chant to engage donors to give to support their cause(s)? According to the Making Connections: The Nonprofit Sector in Prince George's County report conducted by the Maryland Association of Nonprofits , "80% of the nonprofit sectors with revenue below $25,000 are in Prince George's Count

The Sister Next Door

The economic instability of low-income families seems to weigh more heavily on the shoulders of women than men in today’s society. And, poverty seems to be the growing trend among low-income, women-headed families due to inequitable access to affordable housing, child and health care, education, and low-wage earnings. Today, a mother of two making $31,000 per year cannot afford to rent an apartment, pay utilities, pay childcare and aftercare, a car note or car insurance. According to the Portrait's Project - a ground breaking report published by the Washington Area Women's Foundation, Prince George's County, Maryland has the highest concentration of low-income women-headed families in the Washington region, and this concentration is rapidly growing. The mother described in the first paragraph is a program participant of Virtuous Enterprises, Inc. METT (Mobile Employment Technology Training Program) - a program that teaches homeless women how to achieve economic independenc