March 17, 2014

I Weep for Sisters Looking

I weep for Sisters looking
For a man that’s so hard to find
My sisters try, they trip, they tremble
Because the search goes on all the time.

I weep for Sisters looking
For security in masculine form
They’re tossed and thrown by emotions
Like a small ship in a big storm.

I weep for Sisters looking
For a “brother” whom they can respect
Not a pretty boy or millionaire
Just someone
With whom
They can connect.

I weep for Sisters looking
Because of the pain and heartbreak
They endure
The loneliness that turns to emptiness
Will there ever be a cure?

I say Yes, Dear Sisters,
There is a cure
A real cure from my point of view
For perhaps wisdom is dictating
That you pray and wait,
Serve and work
Mr. Right
Finds You!

By Evangelist Emanuel Scott, Jr.

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