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For Such a Time as This...

There's a saying, "Life is where you find it, and what you make of it." At 3:00 pm, a local "smoking" gas attendant said, "I sure need a beer" while her work area smelled like a smoke factory. Someone told her, "she was paying for her death as a smoker" and she replied, "I'm going to die from something anyway, so I'm going to die happy!" This is not the first time this statement has been heard, and it's amazing to know the percentage of women that believe adding poison to their bodies is a pathway to happiness. Since many women believe that death is inevitable, many also believe that it's pointless to live a healthy lifestyle. The services and programs of Virtuous Enterprises, Inc. (VEINC) are designed to make positive, long-term impacts in the lives of underserved women and girls to enrich their quality of life. One strategy is "cause-and-effect" - an approach to help clients discover the 'root cause&