March 24, 2014

I Am What I Am!

Growing up as a dark-skinned woman can be difficult. The teasing and caustic remarks can diminish a woman's self-esteem until they discover....

They came from the mind of God.
In the secrecy of their mother’s womb, they were fearfully and wonderfully made.
To live and fulfill God’s divine purpose and perfect will,
with their shape, size, and beautiful skin shade.

They are who they are, by God’s grace.
They have strength, courage, and perseverance to run and finish their race.
Their spirit has been quickened, they are no longer God’s enemy and Satan’s slave.
By God’s unconditional love and power, they were raised from the carnal grave.
As a chosen, redeemed, and predestined Saint, they know how to behave!

Everything God created is good, and we were created to bring glory and honor to Him (Isaiah 43:7). We all have unique features and characteristics to fulfill God’s purpose.

Whether we are light or dark, full or small figured, we should not allow ourselves to be victimized because of who we are, nor should we criticize others for who they are not. When we start accepting and embracing our uniqueness, God will manifest His power to help us love ourselves and others unconditionally.

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