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Faith is the Key to God's Promises

Realists seem to shun (i.e., people who tend to view or accept things as they are) people who live by faith. On the surface, realists and people who govern their lives by faith are different. But at their core, they are quite the same because they consciously and unconsciously live by faith. When realists work, they expect payment after completion of their project or workweek. That is unconscious faith because payment is expected, not guaranteed. Conscious faith is an unemployed person who is confident they will secure work with God's help. Faith is not magic; it is a process of life. We are not faithless beings. The question is, where do we direct our faith and the energy we release when we exercise it? Realists may not believe in a deity like God. Their lives are inspired by what they see. People who believe in God are led by what they cannot see because their hope and assurance are in God's ability to honor His promises! Click here to view journal pages for this blog