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Don't Knock it Until You've Tried It - Online Learning

Online training is helping millions of people all over the world get their long-awaited undergraduate or graduate degrees, launch and expand businesses, and gain skills to advance their careers. Then there are millions that haven’t taken advantage of this learning trend because of their preference of in-person training – concluding this training method is more legitimate when you can touch and feel your instructor or facilitator than hearing or watching using online media.

The SOFEI Group, Inc. has become perplexed of the apprehension towards online learning from people who have never tried it. And, as a training provider, we believe training is as legitimate of the trainees’ learning and development needs. Here’s our take on the benefits of online learning:

  • It’s a cost savings for trainees and the environment (e.g., less paper trail associated with traditional training methods)
  • It’s flexible and great for working parents with children
  • It’s an egalitarian way to acquire skills and enhance knowledge
  • Individuals currently serving in the military can take online classes while serving their country
  • Individuals can take online courses from institutions worldwide
  • Courses not offered at local colleges or universities can be accessed online
  • Employees can participate in online seminars and classes without missing time from work
  • Business owners can grow their business when they increase their business skills through online learning
E-learning is an effective and powerful method to engage in life-long learning and it has gained momentum on face-to-face instruction. Before knocking online training, explore the many online training opportunities designed to meet your training and development needs. A good place to start is with SOFEI Online.