September 23, 2011

The Number Nine Can Have Power

After spending nine relentless months looking for work at a local one-stop career center, an unemployed single mother regained hope to find employment when she learned how to build a career in customer-service from the results of a complimentary MAPP assessment provided by The SOFEI Group, Inc.

Filled with passion to provide great customer-service to her next prospective employer, this single mother landed nine interviews within nine weeks of attending The SOFEI Group's Microsoft Office Specialist certification training program. Her hope was restored and momentum to find employment soared, but something was preventing her from getting hired - her forgiveness for being unemployed!

This breakthrough came when a career development facilitator of The SOFEI Group looked her square in the eyes and said, “Your smile isn’t in harmony with the way you really feel about yourself, and maybe this spirit is resonating during your interviews - preventing you from getting hired.” Tears streamed down her face, because she had not taken time to confront her feelings of shame and guilt for being unemployed.

The single mother found employment after her nine months bout with the one-stop career center and nine weeks with The SOFEI Group, Inc. She had everything she needed to get employed, but her negative emotions were blocking her path to successful employment.

Our belief about ourselves will create the pathway to our destiny. Is your belief system blocking your path to your next career?

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