October 6, 2011

Can't Find a Job - Create Your Own

Okay, it’s been weeks, months, maybe a few years and you still haven’t found a J.O.B. If your job search strategy has primarily been behind a computer pushing emails and electronic resumes, your resumes are probably being added to thousands of job seekers in a virtual recruitment center being daily purged by the delete button. Which means your livelihood is somewhat in the hands of a virtual recruiter with the power to move your resume forward or prevent it from reaching your desired destination – the decision maker who can hire you.

Let’s face it, unemployment can stink, but it can also be a sweet aroma when you decide to use this experience as fuel to take charge of your life in spite of the economy! You’ve heard the saying If It’s Going to Be, It’s up to Me. That’s right; it’s going to be up to you to create your own path to financial freedom. Not the government, politicians, Mama, Daddy, Pookie – You! Here are a few suggestions to make it happen:
  1. Develop a winning attitude and embrace the challenge to take charge of your life.
  2. Define and create your dream job description without thinking about your bills or the economy. Just dream big!
  3. Make a two-column list and write the required skills/resources needed to fulfill this dream job on the left side and your skills on the right.
  4. Create an interim dream job description if you don’t have 80 percent of the required skills for your ultimate dream job.
  5. Create a target-list of people/businesses that can benefit from your skills.
  6. Identify your working/business relationship (e.g., contractor, W2 employee, consultant)
  7. Make a list of people currently working your dream job and define what makes you stand out from them.
  8. Write and send a one-page letter to business owners with your knowledge and interest, passion and skills, a value statement, and business quote from someone that has experienced your work. Also, keep a log of businesses you sent letters to.
  9. Send a note or post card expressing your gratitude for business owners taking time to read your letter. Do this repeatedly until you receive a response.
  10. Network with people that are employed and have winning attitudes.
  11. If you’re low on funds consider the library, churches, community colleges, or volunteerism as resources to acquire the needed skills to create the job of your dreams.


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