October 21, 2011

Ten P's of Business Success

    1. Prayer – Spiritual guidance from God to ensure your work will bring glory and honor to Him
    2. Passion – The enthusiasm to serve others through your business
    3. Purpose – Clear business vision, existence, and desired outcomes
    4. Perseverance – Determination to achieve success regardless of obstacles or setbacks
    5. Patience – Ability to deal with difficult people and tasks
    6. Partnership – Business relationships that strengthens your capacity to better serve your clients
    7. Publicity – Life-changing services and/or products that create excitement about your business
    8. Power – The power of God when you run out of your might to succeed
    9. Performance – Criteria to evaluate and measure the effectiveness and impact of your work
    10. Purity – Absence of activities and/or people that can taint your business existence or expansion

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