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Mastering AI

Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become increasingly important for professionals due to its transformative impact across various industries because AI can: Enhance or advance career opportunities in high-demand industries in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and more. Increase efficiency and productivity by automating routine tasks, streamlining processes, providing data-driven insights, and leveraging technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, and decision-making in their respective roles. Reshape the job market by future-proofing careers against automatic and technological advancements. Enable professionals to extract valuable insights from large datasets to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and drive innovation within their organizations. Develop creative solutions, explore new opportunities, and drive transformative change within their respective fields. Help professionals bridge gaps between multiple disciplines, fostering coll

The Impact of Implicit Bias

Organizations that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion can unlock the full potential of their workforce, access diverse markets, and cultivate a positive brand that will lead to ultimate growth and success. On the other hand, organizations that do not implement fair and unbiased processes to promote a culture of inclusivity will hinder their progress for business growth and credibility in the following ways: Hinder innovation, creativity, and problem-solving when their biases influence hiring decisions, promotions, and team creation and limit their ability to attract and retain diverse talents. Prevent equal opportunities for training programs and leadership roles based on subjective assumptions about individuals or groups outside a dominant culture that leads to hinged growth and potential of talented employees and limited contributions to the organization. Decrease employee morale and engagement when they feel undervalued, demotivated, and disengaged when they experience

Strategies to Empower Women to Emerge from Economic Instability

Empowering women to emerge from economic instability involves providing them with resources and opportunities. Following are some strategies that can help: Access to education and skill-building programs that equip women with knowledge and skills that can expand their employment opportunities and income potential. Financial literacy and entrepreneurship training to enable women to start their businesses, pursue economic ventures, and make informed financial decisions. Facilitate women's access to credit and capital through community-based grants and lending initiatives to allow women to invest in their ideas, ventures, and income-generating activities. Provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and career, professional, and workforce development services to help women build skills and gain confidence to build, transition, or advance in their careers. Foster networks and community support systems that connect women with mentors, peers, and resources for guidance, encour

Situational Poverty

As a society, we must ensure that every individual has the opportunity to thrive and prosper. It's disheartening to see how women struggling with situational poverty face significant challenges that hold them back from achieving financial stability. Whether it's due to job loss, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, these women require support to overcome these challenges. Empowering women experiencing situational poverty is not only the ethical thing to do but is also crucial for the overall well-being of our society. When women achieve financial stability, they take care of their families, contribute to their communities, and pursue their aspirations, which leads to a more resilient society. There are several ways to empower women experiencing situational poverty. One of the most effective strategies is to provide them access to education and training programs that help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's job market. It could in

True Beauty - Originated from YouVersion Bible App

Proverbs 31 is a well-known chapter in the Bible written by King Lemuel where he shares advice from his mother - a God-fearing, hard-working, generosity-driven woman when he was king. Proverbs 31:30 (KJV) states, “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman that feareth the Lord shall be praised.” Deep within, we know this verse is true. No matter how charming or beautiful a woman is, we know beauty is temporal, charm is finite, and the aging process will run its course. King Lemuel does not mention the physical appearance of his mother; he focuses on her character - described as a woman who fears the Lord. If you know a woman who loves and respects God, honors and cares for people, invests wisely, and lives intentionally, take a moment to thank God for her life. As she aims to be more like God, strive to be more like her.

Live According to Truth

A student wanted to call his mother to tell her he was not having a good day. A teacher asked him why wasn't he having a good day, and he replied, "because nobody likes me." The teacher asked his permission to ask the class if they liked him, and he said, "no." This student has been operating from the belief that all the students at the school do not like him and that he does not fit in. The sad thing is he cannot provide solid proof to validate his feelings or assumptions. There are a large number of people living according to the fallacy of their feelings! Feelings are tricky! They seldom can be solidified without facts. However, people would rather live in captivity by holding onto their feelings instead of seeking divine truth that can release them from the lies intertwined in their feelings. We were created in the image of God to serve Him and to live a victorious, abundant life! But if we do not realize why God created us, we will shortchange ou

Your Pathway to Cybersecurity Career

An increase in cyber attacks validates the growing need for skilled cybersecurity professionals. And hiring cybersecurity experts to mitigate cyber attacks is not a budget item for many businesses. However, helping employees gain cybersecurity skills (i.e., protecting people from harm and tracking the culprits who compromise their data) and certifications may be an effective way to address cyber attacks when they emerge. The online CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway Bundle with Labs course is a building block to earning cybersecurity certifications. Employers like the federal government and Fortune 500 companies value CompTIA as an authority in cybersecurity certifications, and upon successful completion of this course, students can sit for the following exams: CompTIA FC0-U61: IT Fundamentals CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) and CompTIA A+ 220-1002 (Core 2) CompTIA N10-007: CompTIA Network+ CompTIA SY0-501: Security+ CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+) CompTIA CAS-001: Ad

Faith is the Key to God's Promises

Realists seem to shun (i.e., people who tend to view or accept things as they are) people who live by faith. On the surface, realists and people who govern their lives by faith are different. But at their core, they are quite the same because they consciously and unconsciously live by faith. When realists work, they expect payment after completion of their project or workweek. That is unconscious faith because payment is expected, not guaranteed. Conscious faith is an unemployed person who is confident they will secure work with God's help. Faith is not magic; it is a process of life. We are not faithless beings. The question is, where do we direct our faith and the energy we release when we exercise it? Realists may not believe in a deity like God. Their lives are inspired by what they see. People who believe in God are led by what they cannot see because their hope and assurance are in God's ability to honor His promises! Click here to view journal pages for this blog

When God Made You, He Spoke to Himself!

When God made you, He spoke to Himself. Everything God created outside of Himself, He spoke into existence (e.g., Let there be), and it was! When God made humanity, He spoke to Himself and said, Let us make man in our image after our likeness (Genesis 1:26). The image of God is Triune (i.e., three beings in one)! He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The image of man is Triune too (i.e., Soul, Body, and Spirit). Being made in God’s image reflects His holiness, His righteous, and His love. When God spoke to Himself to form humanity, He wanted to demonstrate His love through fellowship when He said, “It’s not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Another part of being made in God’s image is the freedom to choose. Adam and Eve were righteous until they ate the forbidden fruit (i.e., rebel against God). Their rebellion marred the image of God within themselves and their decedents. And the scars of their decision (i.e., mentally, socially, morally, and ph

It's a Good Time to be a Technical Writer

Technical writers manage the flow of information among projects, workgroups, and during system development and testing. In addition, they are responsible for preparing instruction manuals, periodicals, and documents to disseminate complex and technical information via an organization's channels. Therefore, technical writers must understand complex information and transform it for people with diverse professional backgrounds. Following are sample Technical Writers Careers: Content Writers Documentation Specialists Information Developers Manual Writers Policy Writers Technical Illustrators Technical Trainers Web Content Writers The median salary for Technical Writers is $69,850, and the hourly rate is $33.58. If you're interested in becoming a Certified Technical Writer to pursue a career as Technical Writer, visit

Black Women's Equal Pay Day

According to Fortune Magazine , the average Black woman will have finally earned the same amount the average non-Hispanic white man earned a year earlier—eight months later. That’s a problem, not just for Black women who lose out on $900,000 in lifetime earnings, but for everyone. Black women who normally are the heads of their households (i.e., primary breadwinners) earn 63 cents of every dollar a white man makes. Shannon Williams, director of Equal Pay Today - a project of Equal Rights Advocates stated, "The issue of equal pay is not just a woman’s issue because it trickles down into our families, communities, and the overall economy." The Black Women’s Wage Gap is a problem for everyone, but everyone isn’t working to address it! One way to close the wage gap is to close the skill gap. The SOFEI Group is working to decrease pay inequity among women of color through free professional, technical, and certification training for women who want to upgrade their skills to el

Don't Live Within Your Means

Living within your means is well-intended advice to prevent people from acquiring debt. But could this advice prevent individuals from believing and achieving a bigger and better life? Mean among many definitions is average. Living outside your means spiritually, emotionally, and socially can lead to an extraordinary life. Here’s how: Write your big dreams and read them daily Create a vision board with images that coincide with your dreams Review, envision, and mediate daily of you achieving your dreams Surround yourself with people who have what you desire Strive for purpose and not security Live by faith and not fear

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Certification

The Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) certification program prepares small business owners and leaders to succeed in today's competitive business landscape. An ESB certification will validate the skills and knowledge for individuals to work in a middle-skill trade profession, as an entrepreneur, or to pursue small business career aspirations with an understanding of core business principles and essentials to launch and sustain a successful business. Candidates of the ESB Certification will need to have a conceptual knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business principles with a minimum of 150 instruction hours. However, students are not required to have real-world business experience to take and successfully pass the ESB exam. The ESB core concepts are: Entrepreneurship Recognizing and evaluating opportunities Planning, starting, and operating a business Marketing and sales Business financials and funding Exam criteria: Complete a one-year high school level cours

Don't Shoot The Messenger

Doctors write medical prescriptions to help patients heal. Training providers design or deliver training modules to meet the learning needs of their trainees. Patients must take their prescribed medicine according to their doctor's instructions. If they don't, the healing process may not reach its full potential. Trainees that participate in training and place their training material on a shelf will abort their potential to apply what they've learned in their training session. Doctors and training providers are not perfect, but they are skilled in their craft. If patients and trainees do not use or apply the information given to them to heal or perform better at work or in business, the outcome does not rest in the hands of the physician or trainer. It solely rests in the hands of the patients and trainees.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2019

Microsoft Office offers essential tools for productivity in the workplace. Knowing how to use these tools can be critical for accomplishing daily tasks. From creating documents and spreadsheets to presenting information in a slide show or managing projects, the Microsoft Office 2019 - Training Bundle is your step-by-step guide to getting it all done. Get started now, and be on your way to mastering Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more. Project files included! Whether you're just starting out using Microsoft Office products, or you want to improve your basic knowledge of Microsoft applications, this training bundle will offer you beginner to advanced-level insight and techniques to become more productive in the workplace or wherever you use Microsoft Office! The Microsoft Office 2019 - Training Bundle provides 12 months of access to the following video courses, and project files to follow along with your expert instructors: Microsoft Access 2019 - Beginners Microsoft Access 20

Management Essentials

When you’re a manager, there are some basic, essential skills everyone should have. Whether it’s setting clear work priorities, building great teamwork, listening well to others, or performing a performance review. Each of the skills impact how effective you’ll be as a manager. The Management Essentials e-course will help you build these skills and others. By giving you on the job development exercises to evaluate performance, set clear expectations, and create the right level of challenging work, you’ll build the skills required to be a great and motivating manager for each of your employees. This bite-sized course includes: Giving Clear Work Priorities What Employees Need Reinforce Great Teamwork Valuing Employees Listening to Others’ Ideas and Opinions Problem Solving Expectations The Right Workload for Employees The Great Things Employees Do An Ethics and Integrity Discussion Perform a Performance Review Creating Challenging Work Receive Feedback From Your Creating a Great Work

Autism 101

Approximately, 1 in 54 children is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrem Disorder (ASD) in the United States. And, many parents, teachers, and caregivers are scrambling to understand: What is ASD? The cause of ASD The signs of ASD ASD symptoms If you're a parent, teacher, or caregiver of a child that may have ASD, the Autism 101 online course will guide you through these challenging questions. The SOFEI Group wants to provide you with information and resources to help you create a plan to support your child emotionally, physically, and academically. We believe that the more informed you are, the more equipped your child will be for success.

Getting Unstuck

Where are you? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? These are the questions a technical instructor asked to help trainees learn how to change directories using DOS (i.e., Disk Operating System). Post-DOS days, the technical instructor realized these questions apply to our everyday lives, and we believe these questions can help individuals get unstuck in their careers, relationships, or finances. If you feel stuck, click here and download our guide that can help you get unstuck.

Stop Thinking Like an Employee

Stop Thinking Like an Employee is a workshop The SOFEI Group provides to individuals seeking to become an entrepreneur. Since we started facilitating this workshop, we have learned there isn't a vast distinction between an employee and entrepreneur; except for their attitudes and their approach towards work. For example, if you're an employee whose work is based on the instruction of your employer, you're what Seth Godin states in his book, The Linchpin - a "cog in a machine." A “cog in a machine” is a compliant person who shows on time to work, do what they’re told, but get paid less than what they're worth. The gap between their worth and pay creates a profit for the business owner. The Linchpin is a non-conformist to the cog system. They're a career activist! They know how to take control of their career and have a clear understanding of the value they bring to a work environment or project. And, here are a few suggestions to help you perform and th

Technical Communication - an Emphasis in Project Management

There is a strong connection between project management and technical communication. The skills we refine as technical communication have a critical place in project management: communicating content, identifying audience needs, extracting knowledge from subject matter experts, and ensuring quality deliverables. Many technical communicators can step into a project manager role using these highly transferable, existing skills. How can you work toward a broader role in your organization? What is project management? Why is project management important to the technical communicator? Using an interdisciplinary approach applicable across multiple programs of study, Technical Communication with an Emphasis in Project Management can enhance your understanding of project management and prepare you for a project management career using basic technical writing skills. Click here to learn more. #ProjectManagement #OnlineCourses #WomeninTech