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The Dance Between the Offeror and Offeree

During my undergraduate studies, I interviewed for an administrative assistant position, and one of my favorite courses was Business Law. My professor was impressed with how I briefed my cases and encouraged me to attend Law School. After the interview, I was excited to receive a verbal offer for the administrative assistant position, which I accepted with a follow-up acknowledgment letter; however, my excitement diminished when I received a confirmation letter with a starting salary less than the original offer I had agreed to.

My Business Law course was intricate in helping me understand the roles of an Offeror and an Offeree. Recognizing and understanding these roles is not just a matter of legal semantics; it's the foundation of strong, enforceable, and mutually beneficial agreements. When an Offeror submits an offer to an Offeree (e.g., services, products, or a partnership) verbally or contractually, the Offeree can accept, reject, or modify the conditions of the contract. Since I verbally accepted the position according to the original proposition with a written follow-up letter, the Offeror (i.e., the company) could not rescind their original offer.

They rescinded my original salary offer because the vice president of the public affairs department did not want me to make the same salary as his executive assistant, and they declared my original offer a mistake after noticing that my maiden name did not coincide with my race or complexion. I refuted this mistake via a letter stating, When an Offeror makes an offer to an Offeree and the Offeree accepts, that exchange becomes a legally binding contract. Their legal department agreed with me and instructed their Human Resource Department to hire me according to the original offer because I would prevail if I chose to take this matter to court.

As we navigate the intricacies of business relationships, let's embrace our roles with insight, integrity, and a commitment to mutual success. Whether we're extending an offer or contemplating one, remember: the strength of any agreement succeeds in the shared vision and collaboration between the Offeror and Offeree. #BusinessLaw #Negotiation #ProfessionalGrowth #LegalInsights #OfferorOfferee