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Money Smarts for Women

In our efforts to empower women to emerge from economic instability via education, training, and development, The SOFEI Group is a proud member of FDIC's (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Money Smart Alliance. This membership allows us to use FDIC's resources (e.g., curriculum and interactive tools) to help women and girls enhance their financial skills and confidence.

FDIC's Money Smart Game is a premier interactive tool that can empower women and girls to enrich their financial literacy, develop money management skills, and gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to make informed financial decisions, personally and professionally, and here's why we like it:

  1. It's Convenient: The Money Smart Game is accessible online via multiple technical platforms (e.g., computers, mobile phones, and tablets), making it convenient for women and girls to participate at their own pace and anywhere they have internet access. This convenience eliminates barriers associated with traditional financial education programs (e.g., time constraints or location limitations). 
  2. Interactive: The format of the Money Smart Game makes financial education more enjoyable, encouraging active participation and knowledge retention.
  3. Learning Modules: The Money Smart Game has fourteen modules covering a range of financial topics: Borrowing Basics, Building Your Financial Future, Buying a Home, Credit Reports and Scores, Disasters, Financial Preparation and Recovery, Managing Debt, Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets, Your Money Values and Influences, Your Spending and Saving Plan.
  4. Master Certification: Women and girls will receive a certificate for each module (i.e., fourteen) they complete demonstrating their mastery of practical money skills.
Financial Literacy is empowering, and FDIC's Money Smart Game enables women and girls to gain confidence in their financial abilities by taking control of their financial future, making informed decisions, and pursuing their financial goals with greater confidence. If you are a woman who wants to assess your Money Smartness, click here.