March 31, 2019

Salt of the Earth

It’s amazing how salt adds flavor to food? It’s also amazing how salty foods can make you thirsty. And, water is a great beverage to quench a salty thirst.

Every born again believer is the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13) and they are responsible for adding flavor to the lives of people they encounter daily.

Are you a believer, what kind of flavor do you add to the lives of others? Is it wisdom, unconditional love, encouragement, salvation, peace, healing, faith or strength? Or, is it jealousy, envy, bitterness, complaints, or criticism? What flavor of salt do people you encounter thirst for the most? The flavor of the spirit or the flesh?

God has given every born again believer a gift or talent to add spiritual flavor to a flavorless world. In addition to adding flavor, salt is used to preserve and heal. The Blood of Jesus Christ has preserved every believer from: 1) the power of sin; 2) eternal damnation; and 3) the power of Satan. God would like His children to use their gifts to help preserve people from immorality by living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When spiritual flavor is added to the lives of others, they should thirst for more. What better way to quench their thirst than by giving them living water from a fountain that never runs dry.

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