March 26, 2019


  • Define your identity as a vessel for God; not a vessel for society.
  • Identify your uniqueness as a blessing from God who’s constantly unfolding your beauty.
  • Identify your shape, complexion, and size as priceless authentic fine art that can never be duplicated.
  • The antidote to an identity crisis is to define or re-define your being in the sight of God and not man.
  • Your identity will be recognized by the fruits they bear.
  • God’s disciples are identified by the love they show to others.
  • Your behavior will define your identify. So, let not your good be evil spoken of.
  • Be not dismayed if you’re not identified as an important member of an ‘elite’ social group. If you’re one of God’s children, He identifies you as royalty and joint-heirs to Him.

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