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A Free Gift

Whenever you have to buy something in order to get something for free, are you really receiving a Free Gift? If you think about it, the gift that’s supposedly free has been paid in full by the required purchase.

One of the most valuable gifts an individual can receive is the gift of Salvation. There is a price for this free gift; however, the wage was paid in full by the death of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23). You see, something was given in exchange for this precious gift, and it can be obtained by confessing with your mouth, and believing in your heart that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead. (Romans 10:9).

The gift of Salvation seems to be the most difficult gift for some people to receive freely. Who would rather choose death and not life? Who would rather leave this earth not knowing where they would spend eternity?

When God created man, He created Man in His image (Genesis 2:26-27). God’s image (i.e., God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit), and the image of man is (Soul, Body, and Spirit). Mankind was complete and could fully relate to God. However, mankind disobeyed God by eating from the forbidden tree and that day, mankind died spiritually and could no longer relate to God (Genesis 2:17). To restore this union, blood had to be shed. Blood has been shed by Jesus Christ to restore our relationship with God. God gave His only begotten Son so we may have eternal life. Believe it or not, there is life after this one!

Each day we wake is another opportunity to receive this free gift. This is the day of salvation (II Corinthians 6:2). Salvation is deliverance from eternal damnation, the power of Satan, and the power of sin.

There is a saying, “Live with the end in mind.” Are you living with the thought of where your soul shall rest once you take your last breath? Do you believe your spirit has a final resting place after death? Do you believe time is on your side and you don’t have to think about your eternal destiny? What if your life ended right now? Where would you spend eternity?

Why not consider surrendering your will and life to God right where you are? What do you have to lose? An old lifestyle that brings temporary pleasure or false thrills? Don’t allow doubt or fear to make you pass up an opportunity to receive the Free Gift of Salvation. This is a gift we shouldn’t leave earth without.