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Allow People to Grow

Women of color spend a great deal of time tending to the needs of immediate and extended family members to prevent them from dealing with the consequences of their choices. Women will:
  • Mortgage their homes to prevent a loved one from going to jail.
  • Expend their retirement to prevent foreclosure or pay for college.
  • Become a custodian to their abandoned or neglected grandchildren.
  • Decrease their savings to pay their children’s expenses to keep their lives afloat.
Stepping in to tend to the needs of family members every time they experience a set-back, doesn’t help them become accountable or responsible for their choices. It teaches them to stay on the path of self-destruction because they know they have access to a reliable source that will catch them before they fall.

Every one can’t be saved from the consequences of their choices. Part of the growth and healing process is to learn from the error of our ways. So if they’re old enough to get into a ‘pickle’ let them grow up to get out of it.