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Ten D’s of Women Trailblazers

  1. Dreamers – Where there is no vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18a). You have to envision where you want to be so your actions can follow.
  2. Destined – Always begin with the end in mind. Women trailblazers predetermine how they want to end their struggle and work towards ending it.
  3. Driven – What's the force behind your actions - your spirit, struggles or faith?
  4. Determined – Women trailblazers have the will power to carry out their mission to improve the social, economical, and educational stance of women.
  5. Devoted – Whatever you do, have a passion for it. When you have a passion, you’ll work without wanting anything in return.
  6. Disciplined – Women trailblazers prepare themselves to face challenges and/or obstacles.
  7. Dignity – Women trailblazers think highly of themselves and present themselves with high regard and honor.
  8. Diligent – Women trailblazers are perseveres. They stay on course regardless of the challenges they may face in life.
  9. Daring – Women trailblazers have unshakable faith and aren't ashamed to be different.
  10. Decisive – Women trailblazers do not waiver in their decisions and actions to advance the lives of all women.
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