September 30, 2014

A World without Women

What would the world look like without women? Take a few minutes to ponder this thought. What did you come up with?

Women who are abused, neglected, or subjected to sexism, are invisible. And, women weren’t created to be second-class citizens to men, but equally to build a fruitful and noble world for all humanity to enjoy. Subjection of women can stem from pride and ignorance. It’s ignorance when people don’t know the reason for women’s existence; pride when people are self-serving and would do anything to fulfill their wants and needs.

If women want to strengthen their presence and voice in society, they should:
  • Discover their purpose and not allow people or external circumstances deter them from their destined path.
  • Live according to their uniqueness and convictions; not societal norms.
  • Know their rights as a citizen and in the workplace and hold people accountable who inflict harm to them.
  • Increase and stabilize their self- and net-worth to create personal and financial stability.
  • Stop defining their value based on their sexuality or possessions.
  • Connect with people who exalt others and not themselves.
  • Be decisive and fearless about their beliefs and choices.
Eve was created to serve as Adam’s helpmate; not his doormat. If women want to make their presence known and voices heard, they should stop walking in the shadow of mankind, and consider walking in the shadow of their Creator - God.

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