January 2, 2013

Now's the Time

Now's the time to not dwell on mistakes of the past nor worry about what the future may hold. It's time to live now. Today, Relishing every beautiful moment; making the most of every opportunity to grow and to serve.

Now's the time to quit wishing that things could have been different yesterday, last month, last year. Today is the day to express your best. Today is the day to express love. Today is the day to be free and happy, at peace in mind and body, successful in all you undertake.

Instead of wondering how things can change, instead of wondering where you can begin, realize the time is now!

You're not bound by old thoughts, old fears, or old beliefs that once held you in bondage.

In Christ you can be free. In Christ you can become new. In Christ you can do all things.

You can be a blessing and live joyously. You have the power to change things now. What are you waiting for? Time is ticking.

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