March 24, 2012


Anger is a colorless emotion that has become a universal definition of today's Black Woman. Why are Black Women angry?
  • Are they tired of the negative connotations associated with their identity?
  • Did they grow up without an earthly father that never confirmed their God-given beauty when society didn’t embrace their darker hue?
  • Are they tired of playing the role of mother and father when they only have the capacity to play one?
  • Are they tired of lifting up others, while concurrently being torn down?
  • Are they tired of living pretentiously, and have forgotten how to be authentic?
  • Are they living in bondage and don’t know how to break free?
  • Did their search for love, affection, and acceptance lead them into the arms of Mr. Wrong?
  • Did their career pursuits bring them external wealth, while leaving their spirits depleted?
Whew! There are countless reasons for women to be angry, but none can justify sinning as a result of them. Ephesians 4:26 states, Be angry, and do not sin: do not let the sun go down on your wrath. Women, God knows everyone and everything that has caused you harm or heartache and His preference is for you to be angry at the sin, not the offender. When the sun goes down, this signifies stillness in the night – a time to rest your soul. If you’re clinging to anger when your soul needs rest, you can miss the calmness of God’s spirit. God wants to achieve great works through you; don’t allow your anger to block the way. Vengeance belongs to God. He will repay.(Romans 12:19)

Women let it go and let God move on your behalf!

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