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Pushed Into Your Purpose

Pushed into your Purpose was the dynamic message delivered by Ms. Wanda Childs – speaker, author, and founder of Blessed 24:7 during our second annual First Lady Luncheon on Thursday, May 12 at the Oxon Hill Manor Historic Mansion. As she spoke, my eyes welled with tears as I reminisced on my journey from a corporate employee to Chief Empowerment Officer of The SOFEI Group, Inc.

In 2001, I was pushed into my purpose when I was laid off while four months pregnant with my first child. I remember going on interviews hiding my pregnancy hoping to land another job; however, this approach became quite stressful because I was trying to secure work based on fear and deceit instead of skills and pride of becoming a new mother. I never understood why motherhood was viewed by some employers as a burden on their bottom-line. This experience is one of the reasons why I decided to heed to the call to build an organization to empower women struggling to reclaim their rightful place in their place of work, community, society, and in God.

The journey to build SOFEI has been challenging to say the least and I’ve had many doubts to stay the course. Knowing that I’m being used by God is what keeps me on track to create pathways to economic independence for underserved women and girls. I would have continued to work in good ole’ corporate America and dipped into my passionate work on occasion. Since God knew I didn’t have the faith or courage to be obedient to Him, He used unemployment as my push into The SOFEI Group, Inc.

Your stance in life today could possibly be a push from God to dive into your true purpose of existence. We weren’t created to simply exist but to serve and make positive impacts into the lives of others. How are you serving others and what impacts are you making? If you’re unsure of your purpose, Ms. Childs’ book Pushed into Your Purpose could be the roadmap to your discovery. Please visit to make a book purchase and let your journey begin. When your purpose is revealed, let us know.