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Ask, Seek, and Knock - Luke 9:10 - 11 NKJV

Have you ever spoken to a person that knows everything they don’t want, but can’t articulate what they do want? If we don’t know what we want to do with our lives, others or life circumstances will mold our lives for us. And, the same can apply to our careers.

As a result of today's economy, many people are not seeking a career; they’re looking for a JOB - (JUST OVER BROKE). A JOB can help you get by, a career will help you live! Here are a few suggestions to jump start your career.
  • Pray and Ask for Divine Guidance – Everything we do should bring glory and honor to God. And, this also applies to our career choices. God does not want us to work to simply meet our financial needs and wants. Ultimately, our vocation should be our ministry (i.e., what we’ve been gifted to do).

  • Redefine Your Identity – Many people have defined their self-worth based on what they do and not who they really are. Take time to learn your true self and take this authenticity to your new career. Self-assessments are a great tool to learn more about your inner being. Please visit to find your true motivations and value for work.

  • Divorce Your Old Career Mentality – If you’re passing by opportunities because you’re looking for a job with security, it’s time to kick this mentality to the curb. Today’s labor force is primarily comprised of a contingent workforce. Visit to land your new 'contingent' gig.

  • Assess Your Resources – Do you have the resources to land your new career? For example, a positive attitude, references that can solidify your work ethics and habits, reliable transportation, the right skills, a support system if you’re a working mother or a lap top computer.

  • Volunteer – Volunteering is a creative way to network and to create employment pipelines. Many career opportunities are opened due to individuals giving their time and energy to help others in spite of their circumstances. Try Volunteer Match to explore virtual and tangible volunteer opportunities.

  • Get out of the House – You will not find a job sitting behind a computer. Most jobs are found through relationships. Check out and join a group that’s suitable to your career desires.

  • Live Each Day Intentionally – Decide the night before, what you want to accomplish the next day to lead you to the career of your dreams. For example, I want to make ten cold calls to conduct informational interviews to learn about the products and/or services of a company to determine my eligibility to join this team.