December 19, 2009

Our Gifts Are Making Future Impacts!

In 2006, VEINC donated "fully-loaded" Dell computers to eleven single mothers and one single student returning to school to complete their undergraduate or graduate degrees and online certification programs to advance their careers through our Computer Donation Initiative. This initiative was made possible after receiving a Capacity Building grant from the Washington Area Women's Foundation to establish a wireless network to share training resources with staff members, volunteers, and trainees.

Recently, VEINC received updates from two donation recipients - Tracy Henry - a medical student in her final year at Georgetown University School of Medicine and Joetta Fluellyn - a single mother on how this initiative helped them achieve their educational goals.

Tracy Henry shared:
  • Prior to receiving the donated computer, she had to use computers at the school library which limited her access to computers and online study time. The donated computer allowed her to study from the safety and comfort of her home;
  • Most of Tracy's lectures were online and the donated computer allowed her to take advantage of the 'free' online lectures and required text books; and
  • The donated computer enabled her to stay abreast of her coursework because of easy access to her own computer.
Joetta Fluellyn, shared:
  • The donated computer encouraged her to enroll and participate in online paralegal and medical certification training; and
  • The donated computer helped her son to improve his school grades with online tutorial services. Prior to receiving the computer, Joetta said, her son was a little behind in his schoolwork and she has seen a tremendous boost in his esteem.
VEINC believes education and technology are key components to decrease the growing trend of poverty amongst low-income families headed by women. VEINC is proud to know our Computer Donation Initiative is helping Tracy Henry complete her studies at Georgetown University School of Medicine and provided Joetta Fluellyn and her family access to online certification training to enhance her skills to transition to a livable-wage career, and online tutoring which helped her son keep up with his schoolwork and boosting his self-esteem.

Over 2,000 years ago, God gave the world His greatest gift - His Son, Jesus Christ to set captives free and to give individuals an abundant life. This Gift is still impacting the world for people willing to receive Him as their Savior. During this Christmas Season, don't give for the sake of giving, but give to make a life-long impact, because our communities sorely need it!

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