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Why the Color Green Can Wake Up a Nation

“We must act now!” are four words that have gained great momentum to bail out financial institutions (green giants) on the verge of bankruptcy or closure. These words have radically shaken the corporate giants and current administration from a deep sleep because they no longer see green, but red.

The words, “We must act now” did not gain its popularity from the failing financial institutions. These words have been quite popular among advocates that have been working to restore the vitality of our debilitating communities due to spiritual, economical, and social woes. For example,
  • We must act now to provide affordable childcare and health care to low-income wage earners
  • We must act now to raise minimum wage to livable earnings to stimulate the economy
  • We must act now to provide paid maternal leave beyond three-months
  • We must act now to provide equal-pay for women and men to create healthy families and communities
  • We must act now to provide protection for victims of domestic abuse and sexual trafficking
  • We must act now to provide affordable housing to decrease and eradicate homelessness
  • We must act now to stop predatory lending practices
  • We must act now to end gender and race discrimination
  • We must act now to make quality education affordable and accessible to all citizens
What will it take for the Nation to move with urgency to ensure the middle-class is not eradicated, or the low-income is not moved to extreme measures to survive? Apparently, “We must act now” has been associated with the colors red and yellow. Red to stop or end social programs that serve the poor or low-income due to lack of funds; Yellow, to move with extreme caution because serving the poor could possibly bankrupt the economy.

The economy is on the verge of bankruptcy and We must act now to find ways for average citizens to regain hope and faith in America –‘land of the free’. Bailing out the ‘green’ giants to leave citizens impacted by corporate greed, deceit, and ignorance to fend for themselves, is not justice or liberty for all.